Thursday, April 08, 2010

Beat Me Whip Me Theology

One of the most foolish things in the Church today is the ridiculous idea that a sermon should be judged by how much it "convicted" me.

"Oh, that was a wonderful sermon!", one gushes, "I was SO convicted!"

By this they mean, of course, that they were shown (for the 1000th time) to be a worthless low-down poor excuse for a Christian. They were made to feel that God couldn't possibly be pleased with such a low-life Sinner. And He's not going to be pleased until they SHAPE UP!

The sociopathic Pastor, meanwhile, is pleased as punch that he punched his wayward congregation in their collective gut, because he loves them of course.

"Great sermon, Pastor! I was really convicted!"

"Why thank you. Even though I know that you won't really change any more than last time I punched you in the gut, at least I'm doing my job of scourging you sheep."

He didn't feed them the Bread of Life Who is Jesus, our Friend, our Beloved, our Advocate, our Savior, our Forgiver, our Bridegroom, and the Lover of our souls.

He didn't teach them how to be filled with the Spirit and walk by the Spirit and commune with the Lord Who loves them.

But he sure convicted them.

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Anonymous said...

That makes alot of sense. It kind of almost makes people hold on to there sin. Then they become immune to the beating were the message becomes the same, and you are unable to find a way of making your siuation better. Then you'll probably hear comments like "this christian thing sucks, I can't seem to ever get it right, and I feel like God is getting more and more mad at me"