Monday, June 04, 2007

Terry Rayburn's Testimony

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This week's message on Grace Walk Radio:

Terry Rayburn's Testimony

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bhedr said...

Wow! That was great brother. My wife had Gracewalk on when I got home from work and I just listened to your testimony.

You know brother....I passed through a lot of confusion but it was conservative Bible believing confusion. All I can say is that I grew up in the midst of the Lordship and free grace wars with pastors who disagreed with each other preaching at the same congress on fundamentalism meetings or hearing a man teach like you and then going to Bible camp at the wilds and the evangelist scaring us out of our salvation again so that we were left wondering where to rest excactly. On our sincerity and earnestness or on our emotions or on the grace of God alone.

It was encouraging listening to you as my grandmother and mamaw knew the Lord as well but they too would argue all the time with each other and they were a couple of worry warts and then folks in my immediate family were confused with each others arguments as well. Was it grace or not?

When I was six I can remember accepting Christ and feeling so much joy but then later running into other missionaries who would tell me that I probably didn't mean it or I might have been doing it because the other kids were and then some Catholics would tell me that I couldn't believe what I believed. So I sort of had that same haze of confusion but its been as if I've spent my life wishing what I was told at six years old was true. I felt like a kid who had been told Santa Claus was a lie who had been taught to believe in him. Only this is the Lord Jesus Christ we are talking about. Interestingly enough that movie Polar express is like a parrallel for what I am expressing.

You know brother I am greatly encouraged by you sharing your journey as I see some of myself but then at other times I don't. All I know now is that I can believe what I was originally told when I was a kid and I am not going to let anyone rob me of that joy anymore and what happiness it brings as both my wife and I are kind of like the same in a way as we grew up in the same circles. And here lately we are like a couple of kids listening to gracewalk at Christmastime. Thats the only way I know to put it and almost everyday is like Christmas. I get a little discouraged somedays but man this joy...and those fits of panic attacks and dread of the law are all I know is that I believe in Him now and talk with him and walk with him. I am so glad that you are out there in the blogisphere unwaveringly encouraging people in grace and away from the galationism that is so rampant right now. EVERYWHERE it almost seems, but it is forgiveness and acceptance and His life in us that releases us from legality.

"I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live...."

Thats a promise. A promise that gives us so much hope brother!

We love you brother,


Shawn said...

I will give it a listen. Thanks

ann_in_grace said...

As many testimonies, Yours brought tears into my eyes, too.
Bless You for sharing.

Only Look said...

BTW, not to say that your family argued in comparing mine with yours. I re read my comment and it didn't make sense entirely. I meant that like in the Lordship and free grace battles they had their own battles and ideas about God...but on a funny note my grandmother would tell my Mammaw to "Go to bathroom!" as if that was going to help her find the right argument ah but they had their good points even though they were anxious about everything all the time.

Terry Rayburn said...


I appreciate the comments. Every case is different, yet every case is the same in some ways, eh?


Thanks for listening. I love to hear testimonies of God's grace, too.

Only Look said...

Thats true Terry, but I am learning also that we all have a proclivity toward projecting our experiences either into the scripture or into other peoples struggles and what God is doing in their life. None of us know what God is doing or what he needs to do or how his children have been affected or the lost by the lies of Satan.

I kind of see you being more of a John who once rested on the bosom of Christ never left, but I am more of a Peter who bounced back and forth in his reactive tendencies. Incidentily both men were reactive, but John seemed to calm much quicker as he rested on Christ while Peter continued to learn the hard way in so many things and always arguing with God.

Only Look said...

Course I may be doing what I just said not to do...hahahahahahaha:-)

Either way the Lord is our Shepherd who knows what we need.