Monday, June 18, 2007

Acceptable or Accepted?

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This week's message on Grace Walk Radio:

Acceptable or Accepted?

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dec said...

To be disappointed with yourself, is to have believed in yourself. To be discouraged is unbelief, as to God’s purpose and plan of blessing for you.

Terry, many thanks for introducing me to William Newell's "Romans Verse-by-Verse". I look forward to reading it.

p.s. I see the AOI (active obedience imputation) people aren't to fond of him. :-)

Avichayil said...

Dear Terry,

I came across your site through Puritan Belief blog. It is so unfortunate that I have limited access to download your MP3 format due to some restrictions I have. Do you by any chance have other formats that is downloadable? But if it's not available then it's okay. I can be contented by reading your posts.

Thank you, Terry, may the Lord continue to bless your ministries!

Terry Rayburn said...

Hi dec,

Newell on Rom. Chapter 6 is particularly excellent. Very few commentators (or preachers, for that matter) really understand Rom. 6, and the whole concept of our being dead to sin and alive to God through Christ.

BTW, I've been discussing active obedience imputation with Peter and Jeremy on Jeremy's Doxoblogy. Maybe that's why you referred to the subject?


Thanks for stopping by. I have been considering installing a streaming audio program. I already own it, but I'm a little technically challenged. Your comments inspire me to go forward with it, but it will probably be awhile.

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dec said...

Yes, I have been following that discussion. Thought provoking.
Newell wrote the following in his Roman's commentary: Do you not see that those who claim that our Lord’s righteous life under Moses’ Law is reckoned to us for our ‘active’ righteousness, while His death in which He put away our sins, is, as they claim, the ‘passive’ side, are really leaving you, and the Lord, too, under the authority of the Law?”

From my quick read, Newell goes on to say that we are no longer under law because we are reckoned dead to the law, not because we are reckoned as obedient to it through Christ.

Avichayil said...

Thank you, Terry, I appreciate it and I will keep visiting this site. I just started my own blog but it is more of a personal one. Yours is much better because it can build up many people in Christ...=)