Friday, January 12, 2007

We Got Our Computer Back!

After a messy trojan/worm/virus attacked our computer, I've had it in shop for a week and a half, and now it's back! This is really good. Thankfully I had an old Windows 98, 366mghz, 256K RAM, 4 gig hard drive dinosaur that got us by, but how I appreciate having the super-duper one back!

Technical sidenote: I was using AVG anti-virus when the virus struck. It turns out, according to the computer geeks at the shop, that there were several accumulated viruses that had apparently escaped the notice of AVG (so THAT"S why my computer was bogging down and buggy!).

At their recommendation, I now am using Norton anti-virus, and it has alrady "caught" a couple things trying to sneak in (adware/spyware...not too serious, but when accumulated can seriously slow things down). Norton does supposedly use more "resources", but I have a gig of RAM memory, so don't even notice it. RAM memory is the best investment you can make to keep things running smoothly.

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