Thursday, January 04, 2007

Radio Messages on Hold For A Few Days

My Grace Walk Radio message was already delayed for a couple of days, since I was out of town for Christmas.

Then last Friday, I booted up my [main] computer, and had a nasty virus (I-Worm/Luder.A, a trojan worm designed to steal information, if you care). Seems the only safe solution is "wiping" and "reformatting" the hard drive, which is what is being done now, or as soon as my computer gets to the front of the repair line at Computer Wizards.

Anyway, my recording and radio-uploading programs are unavailable until later this week or first of next week.

By the way, I was told that a day or two after my virus, my anti-virus software company, AVG, updated to protect against I-Worm/Luder.A. Thus rages the quiet battle between the evil hackers and the heroic anti-virus guys.

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