Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Real Antinomian

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Scripture clearly teaches that the Christian is no longer under Law, but under Grace. (Rom. 6:14) And this is given as the reason why sin is no longer master over us.

As born again believers in Jesus Christ we may be certain that all our sins are forgiven, past, present and future. In fact the Scripture goes so far as to say that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. In fact the Scripture goes on to say that all things are lawful for us (though not all things are profitable, or expedient). In fact it makes the radical statement that where sin abounds, grace much more abounds! In fact it says that we are accepted fully by God in Christ, the Beloved. That there is nothing that could ever separate us from the love of God. Absolutely amazing, when you really think about it from our measuring-stick mentality.

This biblical truth is so radical that it shakes the legalists to their core, and they shout "Antinomian!" (Antinomian literally refers to "no law" or "anti-law"). Or they ask the reasonable question that Paul anticipated from his Roman readers, "Should we sin, so that grace will abound?"

And of course, Paul says "of course not", and explains the new creation, the new heart given us by God, in which we have died with Christ, been buried with Him, and risen again with Him to a new life. We have died to sin, and been made alive to Christ. "How can you," Paul asks, "who have died to sin, keep living in it?"

So Paul's radical teaching of the grace of God is not Antinomianism.

Is there then a true Antinomianism? A wrong heretical Antinomianism? Yes. I know biblically, and from my other readings that such creatures exist. Even though I have to admit I haven't actually met one.

I would take a stab at a definition of true Antinomianism this way:

An Antinomian is one who believes that because our sins are forgiven, past, present and future, there is no biblical call for good works or moral living. And therefore there is really no such thing as "sin".

That kind of Antinomian is justly criticized. And while I said I never met one who taught that way, I must admit I've seen a few who seem to live that way. These are what the Bible calls hypocrites. I don't mean the born-again believer who fails, sins, gets back up in repentance, and goes on. I mean the one who thinks there is nothing really "wrong". That's the true Antinomian.

Don't let someone label you that, just because you believe the Apostle Paul when he writes that sin shall no longer be master over you because you are no longer under Law but under Grace, or because you don't walk around in misery over your sin all the time. It is forgiven, after all. And you do love the Lord, after all. And He is working in you both to will and to do His good pleasure, after all. Rejoice, no matter what the legalists say.

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Pastor Josh said...

When we are born again we do have authority over all things. We a cleaned from all sin, sicknesses, adn disease. Teh sad thing is that christians listen to the devil. And accepted those things that we don't have. I think it's important to teach these things and grasp these things. We don't have to be sick, we don't have to sin. Those things are not in our nature anymore. Our nature is to follow Christ and to be Christ like.

Evelyn Zoe said...

Hi Terry Rayburn,
Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your appreciation. Read your blog...and is so wow...excited to read more..hehee...
Praise Jesus and all glory to our Lord Jesus! ;-)

Terry Rayburn said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


Terry Rayburn said...


Thanks for your comments all the way from Singapore! Your blog is always an inspiration to me.