Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What Is A Christ-Centered Life?

Here's a quote from John Reisinger's fine series on Ecclesiastes, from :

"One of the tragic mistakes that people commit is to think that alcohol, drugs, and pornography have produced the wicked society in which we currently live. It is actually the other way around. Our society has produced those things as essential means to kill the pain of an empty and futile life. If our culture, believing as it does, did not have drugs, booze and unbridled sex as distractions, it would finally find suicide the only acceptable option."

Wow. Seeing Solomon try to find the right "thing" to center his life around can't help but make a Christian thirsty to have a Christ-centered life. But what does that mean?

As important as it is to "preach Christ", there is more to being Christ-centered.

No matter how much we learn about Christ from His Word;
no matter how many verses we memorize;
no matter how diligently we "study to show ourselves approved, workmen who don't need to be ashamed, cutting straight the Word";
no matter how much we "preach Christ and Him crucified";
no matter how heartily we "serve" Him...
we will still have missed it...if we don't

--spend time with Jesus,
--commune with Him,
--walk with Him,
--talk with Him,
--bask in His presence,
--gaze on Him
--enjoy Him,
--accept His acceptance of us,
--love Him as our Beloved, and
--believe the incredible truth that we are His Beloved.

Then we are along the road to being Christ-centered.

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Anonymous said...

a tremendous reminder. this ought to be printed out and put in every Christian's study area, cubicle, or above his bed on the ceiling in big letters!

Terry Rayburn said...

Thanks, Dan!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely concur with the quote. If it hadn't been for the alcohol, I'd have long ago slit my wrists. Having been deprived of the "sacrament" of confession as a result of marrying outside the Roman church, I lived in total certainty that I was going to hell. So I partied! Might as well have fun on the way down.

My only prayer was "Oh, God, please let the Church change their rules before I die".

He didn't change them. He changed me!

What a Saviour!