Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Our New Internet Radio Program

A blessed opportunity has come our way. Starting today, I will be doing a weekly 15-minute Internet radio program called "Grace For Life". It will broadcast once a week on Grace Walk Radio (www.gracewalk.org).

[Note: Gracewalk Radio has since been discontinued by Gracewalk Ministries, but archives to my broadcasts are still available at http://www.graceforlife.com/radio.html]

As of this writing, it will be on Tuesdays, but I found out that one of the unique things about Internet radio is that it's almost impossible to set a fixed time of day for a pre-recorded program. So we are archiving the programs on this Grace For Life web site at www.graceforlife.com/radio.html "for your listening convenience" :)

Take a listen, and come on back.

We appreciate your prayers for the new radio program, and for this web site. Thanks!

Listen to "Grace For Life" Radio Program.

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