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History Of The Charismatic Movement To Early 1980′s

History Of The Charismatic Movement, Part 1
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History Of The Charismatic Movement, Part 2

History Of The Charismatic Movement, Part 3

The Charismatic Movement And The Reason Why

I loved George Gardiner (1919-1984).
Pastor George Gardiner was a Pentecostal for many years. He said that his journey out of Pentecostalism “began with nagging questions about the gulf between Charismatic practices and Scriptural statements–a very wide gulf!”
He was still in a Pentecostal Bible School when he and his room mate began discussing their doubts about Charismatic teaching.
He determined to study the book of Acts.
“I re-read the book of Acts, slowly and carefully, praying as I did, ‘Lord, let me see what it says, and only what the Word says. Give me grace to accept it if I have been wrong and grace to apologize if I have been unduly critical.’
“The journey through Acts was an eye opener! The actions and experiences of the early churches were far removed from the actions and experiences of the modern movement. In some ways they were completely opposite!”
I met this great preacher in 1977 while attending Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. He was the Pastor of Calvary Undenominational Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (founded by M.R. DeHaan), and was a great Bible preacher, having long since left pentecostalism.
In 1982, after my spending about 6 months in the “Charismatic Movement” myself, George graciously met with me in his study, and we pored over many scriptures regarding the teachings of this Movement, which I had begun to see were untrue.
Gardiner is the author of “The Corinthian Catastrophe” (, and gave me a copy of his book, which I still highly recommend to this day for those who have questions.
George Gardiner’s explanation of the History of the Charismatic Movement (preached in these recordings in the early 80′s) is thorough and enlightening. And he really explains well what the Bible teaches about tongues, interpretation of tongues, signs, wonders, and miracles.

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