Saturday, December 15, 2012

Daisy Theology

Do you know what Daisy Theology is?

Here are some clues:

1. It quenches the peace of God.
2. It causes believers to experience condemnation, in direct violation of Romans 8:1.
3. It steals the joy of salvation.
4. It's contagious, spreading it's lie like a virus, everytime someone "sneezes" it.
5. It is rampant in the minds of many believers, and therefore in the church.
6. It is seldom directly taught from the pulpit, but it's virus is smeared all over congregations by implication.
7. It seems to "make sense", but is utterly unbiblical, destructive, and anti-Christ (I know, "Picky, picky, picky").

Give up?

Daisy Theology says, "He loves me ... He loves me not ... He loves me ... He loves me not."

Some seem to spend their whole Christian lives that way. They may not say that God doesn't love them, but they feel it. And they feel it because they think it. And they think it because it's taught to them every time performance-based Christianity is held up as an idol.

And it's a shame.

And it's not just a shame. It's a blasphemous denial of the Cross of Christ, where He said, "it is finished". It's Galatianism at its most subtle. It's the attitude that God loves me when I'm "good", and frowns with disappointment and anger when I'm not "good".

It's screamed from the pulpit every time condemnation is heaped on the sheep, because they aren't performing to perfection.

It's screamed by pop Christian books that consist of nothing but 10 or 40 or 100 "rules to live by". Books like How to Be A Good ______ [husband, wife, friend, Christian, worshiper, charity worker, pray-er, etc. ad nauseum].

Written by men and women who know that they fall short, but think it is incumbent on them to tell everyone else how to be a "Good ______."

Not just precious principles from a loving God who loves us because He chose to before the foundation of the world, but rules to measure by. Rules to condemn by.

Daisy Theology is one of the most subtle and destructive corruptions of the Word of God that has ever been cooked up by the Doctrines of Demons, Inc. lie factory.

Don't buy their product! Call the Better Bible Bureau and report them! If you are Christ's, there is nothing that can separate you from His love. Don't forget that. There is nothing you can do that will make Him love you more or love you less. He loves you, period. The curtain has been torn apart. The wall has been torn down. It is finished. He loves you, period.

Don't even look at a daisy, until you are completely recovered.

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