Thursday, June 09, 2011

Brokenness - Part 5 of 6

The Part of Prayer In Brokenness

Few things are as important to our brokenness as prayer. All kinds of prayer.
--Petition (asking for things),
--Intercession (praying for others),
--Adoration (speaking lovingly to God about His wonders, attributes, goodnesses, etc.),
--Confession (telling Him what He already knows about our sins),
--Thanksgiving (is there any end to the list of blessings, not the least of which is His forgiveness of those sins we just confessed?)
--Praying the Scriptures (using verse-by-verse passages to prompt our praying, reinforcing our understanding of the mind of our Lord)
--Meditation (technically not prayer, but great to do in the same time-frame context, meditating for example on His attributes, His love, His Word).

This kind of prayer takes time, but how rich and blessed it is. As the saying goes, Prayer Changes Things, but just as importantly Prayer Changes Us.

If we pray with our brokenness and surrender in mind, we will be a long way toward truly "loving God and enjoying Him forever".

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