Sunday, May 16, 2010

Truth vs Facts

So-called "problems" in our Christian walk are often the result of what we loosely call "bondage". We find ourselves, like Paul in Romans 7, doing that which we don't want to do, or not doing that which we want to do.

The answer to these various forms of bondage is, of course, Truth.

The truth will make us free (John 8:32), but truth isn't just facts.

Facts may be true, but the kind of truth that sets us free is taught by the Holy Spirit.

If we haven't learned a truth by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, then we really haven't learned it, or at least not to the point that it will make us free.

For example, we may know the truth that our sins are forgiven. All sins. Past. Present. Future. Forever. Totally.

But if we haven't appropriated the truth of that by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, at least to the point where we can somewhat "rest" in it, or even "feel" it, then we may still somewhat experience the bondage of "earning God's love".

When we are in the bondage of "earning God's love", then we "strive to be good enough" to please the Lord, which takes us off the ground of Grace, quenches the Holy Spirit, and compounds our bondage.

So the facts are not enough. We need Spirit-taught truth.

What's the best way to move from "facts" to "Spirit-taught truth"?

I believe it's in meditating on the Word of God (not just reading it).

In our example of appropriating God's forgiveness of our sins, it will be useful to find some passages of Scripture that tell us that our sins are already forgiven, slowly read them, "chew" on them thoroughly in meditation, thank Jesus for what He has done, and maybe even make a note of those verses to meditate on again tomorrow (and the next day, etc.).

When the "light" dawns on the Spirit-taught truth that you are really and fully forgiven forever, you will be set free in that area of your life -- and YET, the enemy will not stop in trying to rob you of that truth, which is why we have to be REMINDED again and again from the Bible.


"Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you..." (Colossians 3:16), especially that which sets you free from any bondage.


Anonymous said...

The life of a genuine believer is that of repentance and confession. We do not confess for "forgiveness"....but we certainly should be confessing our sins.

Vicki said...

Another good post, Terry. Really glad to see you mention the importance of letting Christ's word dwell in us many have turned away from the Scriptures but I find personally a real need to spend time there again and again so He can renew these truths deep within.