Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Growing Grace Revolution - Steve McVey

Wonderful post from Steve McVey. Here are two excerpts:

"The rule of legalism in God's church needs to be overturned. It has had the limelight long enough. It has been tried and found wanting. Many of us have determined to speak up for Christ and speak out against that which opposes Him from behind a religious mask. Revolution seems to be a good word to describe what God is doing among Christian these days."


"Here's a radical idea: Let's behave like Jesus, even if the Pharisees don't like it. Let's just love people indiscriminately. Let's love them regardless of their behavior. Let's love them whether they are pimps or preachers -- whether they are crack-heads or corporate heads -- whether they are drug addicts or deacons, whether they are moral or immoral. Let's just love them all!"

Read the whole post here.

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