Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Do Tornadoes and Roe v. Wade Have In Common?

What do tornadoes and Roe v. Wade have in common?

They both happened on my birthday.

On January 22, 1999, tornadoes swept through Clarksville, Tennessee, greatly damaging much of our historic downtown area, including several stately church buildings, the local newspaper building, the County Courthouse, and a bunch of lawyers' offices (no chuckling).

Today's Leaf Chronicle headline:


Today, of course, driving through downtown, you would never know it had happened.

A Cultural Moral Tornado

A cultural moral "tornado" occurred on my birthday in 1973. So much more damaging than the Clarksville tornadoes, comparison is absurd.

The Supreme Court of the United States abandoned their rightful role as Interpreter of the Constitution, and took on the role of Legislature by, in effect, making a ruling that the right to "abortion on demand" would now be the law of the land.

Thirty-six years later, just under 50 million unborn children have been slain in (and out) of the womb. Legally.

Just for comparison, here are the current population figures for several entire countries:

United Kingdom - 60.7 million
Italy - 58.1 million
South Korea - 49 million
Spain - 40.4 million
Canada - 33.3 million

Do you see what has been done? The equivalent of a major nation wiped out.

John Ensor is the Vice President of Heartbeat International and author of Answering the Call: Saving Innocent Lives, One Woman At a Time.

He wrote the following:

"Some years ago, a woman named Suzanne came to me while I was setting up a pregnancy-help clinic in Boston.

She said, 'If I have the abortion, I will have more money to spend on my other two children.'

I asked, 'What do you think your children would say if they knew you were doing this so that they could have cable TV and other stuff?'

She said, 'Well, I'll ask them.'

Then and there I knew the baby would live. Abortion is unthinkable to children--incomprehensible, horrific, something that would never enter their minds to do.

Sure enough, the children were aghast at the thought.

'We want the baby,' they reassured her.

Some months later, after the baby arrived, I heard her share her story. She said she was embarrassed to think back on her earlier state of mind. She had joined the circle of those who think abortion unthinkable."
(HT: Challies)

I will still have a Happy Birthday.

I trust in the sovereignty of God. I know He will exercise justice in the end. But I also know that some of that justice has already been exercised in the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. From that He offers mercy.

The same God who forgave me of all my sins stands ready to forgive all who come to Jesus Christ, believing in Him as Lord and Savior, believing that He died on the cross to pay for their sins, and believing that God has raised Him from the dead.

I'm glad I was born.

And born again.


Jeff Hawkins said...

Terry you are so right. The devastation is beyond comprehension. It is reprehensible what we have done. We are all to blame in allowing morally void people rule this country. WE elect them. The blame is all ours to bear. Today BHO, our newly elected president resended the orders that outlawed using federal money to sponsor abortions around the world. We are not only killing the innocent here but all over the world. The death toll that we as a nation are responsible for is staggering. I will post this article to Facebook.
Blessings Bro.

Terry Rayburn said...

Hi Jeff,

I appreciate your comments, brother.

I saw the the news on that executive order Obama signed. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning, if he keeps his promises to the pro-unborn-holocaust advocates.

BTW, did you see the powerful ad from

You can view it here.



Darrin said...

Terry, thanks for the post.
Sorry that the date God gave you physical birth was marred by such a horrendous legislation.
Comforted that He still reigns.

Terry Rayburn said...


Yes He does. Appreciate the comments.