Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Meditation For Freedom

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This week's audio message:

Meditation For Freedom

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Mark D. Vilen said...


I like this statement you made:

"As we surrender to grace, and get off the ground of law."

And I like how you emphasize the need to meditate on our identity in Christ, our righteousness, and our co-crucifixion.

It's been my experience when a Christian doesn't know or meditate on what Christ has done for them, they will inevitably fall into law, thinking that God NEEDS them to do things for Him. As one friend of mine says, "He doesn't need us---it's better than that--He wants us!"


Terry Rayburn said...

That's a good one, Mark.

Is gold really "worth" $400 an ounce (or whatever)?

One might say, "No, it's just yellow metal!"

Ah, but I say "Yes, because that is the 'worth' we have ascribed to it."

We are not "worthy", as though we earned the Lord's love, but we are "worth" a lot, because God has determined that we are.

Wouldn't wanna argue with Him.

Phil said...

Thanks,Terry. I enjoyed reading that late last night. I need faith in my identity in him.

mark pierson said...

I swiped your comments from Pyro and brought them over to my Blue-Collar blog, posting on 12/11/08. Great words!

Terry Rayburn said...


Your welcome, brother. Glad you're here.

Mark Pierson,

Gee, why didn't I think of that? Thanks! I like your blog. Just added it to my Google Reader.