Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow's Election and The Holocaust of the Unborn

I would like to make one last plea for believers in Christ to vote tomorrow to block the Presidency of Barack Obama.

I have heard too many Christians invoke the Sovereignty of God in a way that I think is unbiblical. Sort of an attitude of "God will decide the election, so it doesn't really matter how I vote, or even if I vote".

Here are my comments from another blog:

Using the Sovereignty of God to dismiss an election as some divine "six of one, half-a-dozen of another" is not only foolish in the extreme, it's unbiblical in itself.

Thank God men like Moses, David and Paul (not to mention the Son of Man) did their duty and left the results to God.

They didn't say, "Oh well, God's in control". They did what they thought was right, and THEN rested in the Sovereignty of God.

Obama's election, apart from anything else, would surely continue the Holocaust of the Unborn for three reasons:

1. He would reinforce the Party of Death (that's the Democrats, in case you haven't compared the Party platfoms), which will have a majority in the House and Senate;

2. He will actively support abortion rights himself, which he has made clear, even to the horrors of partial-birth murder, and out-of-the womb infanticide;

3. He will likely nominate 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices who will be pro-Holocaust of the Unborn, Liberal radical judicial activists who will undermine the Constitution because they think it is "a living breathing document".

Obama's "Court" would likely last at least the next 30 to 40 years! Another generation!

Now, if it was Obama vs. Satan, I'd vote for Obama. But how in God's name (literally) could anyone who loves Christ vote for Obama, or fail to vote for his opponent?

Our vote is our voice.

"Where was YOUR voice during the Holocaust of the Unborn?"

Exalting in the Sovereignty of God, but fighting for, and voting for Obama's opponent,



Please use the freedom we have to vote, and vote to block Obama, by voting for John McCain. McCain is not the Messiah any more than Obama is. But he is Pro-Life, and so is his running mate, Sarah Palin.

"Lord, with love in our hearts for Barack Obama, we pray you spare us from his becoming President. Even in these final hours, may you lead your people to see the importance of this contest, and have the courage to tell others, even in this late hour."


Anonymous said...

The problem with America is not pro-abortion or anti-abortion. You people should stop using the name of Christ, but address the problem of promiscuity in your society where sex rates with free air. Of course, promiscuity and sexual immorality will lead to unwanted pregnancy and,therefore, abortion. When "Christian" America focuses on fear of God and sexual purity, respect for marriage and family, sanctity of sex and women, your so-called "Holocust of the Unborn" will not be relevant.
Your soceity needs help, and we are praying the Lord restores America's biblical values we read from men of God who influenced America and the world when God was with America.

Terry Rayburn said...

There are several problems with your thinking:

1. America is not "Christian" America, and never has been, despite the wishful thinking of some. The vast majority of Americans, as of other nations, are not Christians in the born-again biblical sense, at all.

2. We can still have an influence on POLICY, particulary as it affects such a tragic thing as the killing of the unborn.

3. Your points could just as well apply if it was legal to kill 3-year-olds or 10-year-olds. Totally unrelated to this election.

I pray, too, for America to have "biblical values", but don't you see how ridiculous it is to wait for that before we attempt to rectify the evil of infanticide?

You apparently don't share my horror at the Holocaust of the Unborn (which you label "so-called"). That's sad, and is part of the problem. It's also unbiblical.

To pray in some general hazy way for everybody to "shape up", while ignoring an atrocity that we could help to counter with a simple vote, is as silly as it is sad.

Our vote is our voice.

I pray for the day when all of us look back on it in and ask the question, "Where was YOUR voice during the Holocaust of the Unborn?"

Philip said...

Terry,you have my vote. I read a comment Steve McVey wrote on God's sovereignty regarding your election,and I agreed. I always like to keep a firm distinction in my mind between Christ's spiritual kingdom and the governments of this world,as you do. Countries are not Christian -no amount of right laws will give someone a new heart. On the contrary-to confuse the two and thus to be zealous for law as the strength of Christ's putting all things under his new covenant rule is a grave error that betrays a lack of grasp of spiritual things. That said,civil government as it is,is a very necessary and God-ordained expedient. 1Tim2 comes to mind. There are positive benefits that prayer concerning such in authority can have for the gospel,and sure as anything like you say,can prevent evils such as what indeed should be called a holocaust,and should surely have the same response in the minds of people as that other holocaust. Why the difference?Is the current more acceptable because its victims are not in control of their faculties? Surely its to God's ultimate glory that he's sovereignly ruled that these little ones were elected to partake of his new covenant kingdom before ever they were rejected from the old creation by some of its inhabitants. But does that excuse the sin?No!It's in spite of it. God will be God and those that play God will either be brought to repentance by his grace,or humiliated in their very pride...There's an awful tendency to make God's sovereignty fatalistic. I think 50:20 vision is the right way to go. I need to hear myself say this... I tend to feel that there are enough activists to make legitimate protest about these things normally, but here there's an opportunity to exercise a sovereignly God-given privilege and vote right. Listening to what Terry says,I don't think it's possible for you American friends to squander your vote-only to get it horribly wrong,perhaps by voting selfishly. Hope this is ok to write,Terry. Grace upon grace,noble sir.

Philip said...

Just to clarify...when I said about people 'playing God' above,I wasn't meaning to imply that God is ever the active,authoring cause of any moral evil,or suffering. I was referring to people acting out their fallen 'independence' from God...and for the benefit of any readers who didn't understand the reference,'50:20 vision'was a reference Terry has used to Gen50v20 where Joseph refers to his brothers having meant him evil,but God having overruled it for his good...nor would it be right to give the impression that there is no room for Christians in the governments of this world...sorry,Terry,just covering some of my bases. I hope my commenting like this doesn't lack courtesy to you.

Mark D. Vilen said...

I really appreciated your two latest blogs on the concern about Obama's voting record on abortion, the most extreme in U.S. history, to my knowledge.
I think God really placed this topic on my heart this election, and I talked one fellow believer out of voting for Obama due to his lack of respect for the unborn.
I was disheartened with the election results, but will be praying that God works on Obama's heart, and somehow blocks any legislation that puts less restrictions on the killing of the unborn.

Thanks for pointing out this atrocity.


Terry Rayburn said...


Good comments. The reminder to keep thinking in light of Genesis 50:20 is a good one. (Man often means things for evil, but God means them for good.)

Terry Rayburn said...


Thanks for speaking out. The one person whose vote you changed may be a symbol of the drops of water that may make a river someday.

I share your prayers for our new leader and the resulting policies.