Monday, July 14, 2008

Resentment and Forgiveness - Part 1

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This week's audio message:

Resentment and Forgiveness - Part 1

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Mark D. Vilen said...

If I feel that I have made the willful decision to forgive someone, yet bitter feelings still surface about that person from time to time, does that mean I have not really forgiven them? Or is this a spiritual battle, and do I just need to take these bitter thoughts captive in obedience to Christ, and dismiss them?

Your opinion would be appreciated.


Philip said...

Hi Terry...are you still intending to do an audio on justification?

Terry Rayburn said...


I got your post on Part 2. Thanks, and write if I need to clarify anything else. I appreciate you.


Terry Rayburn said...


I haven't forgotten, but have plunged into deeper studies on the matter than I anticipated. And so I was regretfully over-optimistic about getting to it in "a couple weeks".

Will get to it as soon as possible, Lord willing.

Short preview:

I believe the Bible teaches that we are judicially "declared righteous" in our entire being through faith alone, but in another sense we are actually "perfected" in our spirit, which is made new, and loves Christ and hates sin.

In saying this, I am distinguishing our "spirit" or "nature" from our entire being which is spirit, soul (mind, emotion, will) and body.