Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ideas Have Consequences

I've often tried to expose Legalism as not just a theoretical thing, a subject for idle debate, but a set of IDEAS which have CONSEQUENCES detrimental to the Church and to an individual's spiritual fellowship with Christ.

Although the subject matter of this video is a different one, it boldly illustrates the simple truth that "Ideas Have Consequences".

HT/Everyday In Grace


Only Look said...

Its not about us; its all about Him?

Of course we pray, "Give us this day our daily bread"

Unless we want to believe the idea that he doesn't love to fill our cup...then perhaps he won't.

Yes, ideas do have consequences.

Grace upon grace,


Terry Rayburn said...

What's amazing is how often He blesses us even when we don't ask.

Yet it's also true that sometimes we have not because we ask not.

Only Look said...

So it is about us to some degree. After all. I am here. He put me here and He loves you and I so much that he spared no expense to redeem us. That really makes me feel great when I think about it and it is all for His glory and praise.

BTW...about the video?


Dont think I will forget it.

Grace upon grace,


Strong Tower said...

Thanks for this terry-

Powerful, I think I will steal it, with full credit, of course...