Monday, October 08, 2007

Truth And The Holy Spirit

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This week's audio message:

Truth And The Holy Spirit

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Bhedr said...



Just kidding. Good stuff. It finally downloaded to quicktime for some reason. Praise the Lord!

Did I say that right?

Hey I loved that last statment, "And even if you are a prisoner to circumstances you can be free in side."

A good message especially in light of the fact that I have been studying and meditating on how Jesus snatched the word 'father' from the Pharisees as a word that condemned themselves as they said they would never have done what their 'fathers' did in killing the prophets.

Good stuff. Encouraging more than convicting. Encouraging us in the right direction in fellowship with the right person. The Holy Spirit.

Terry Rayburn said...

Yeah, the "father" angle is very interesting, especially since they accused Jesus of not having Joseph as his real father (which of course was true), and He ultimately accused them of having the devil as their real father.

dec said...

Spend two hours with your Bible, verse by verse, praying and meditating and quietly worshiping the Lord, "be being filled" with the Spirit, being still and knowing that He is God, communing with Jesus, until your heart is warmed, and your love for Him is kindled by a renewed understanding of His love and grace toward you.

Now go back to [whatever you were reading, watching, saying, doing]. [Is it] spiritually edifying?


I love following you around the blogosphere!

I generalized this gem of wisdom so I can apply it to many things in my life.

BTW, "divisive and condescending" seem to be code words for don't disagree with me and don't tell me what to do. Soon, rebellious teenagers will be picking up this retort. :-)

Ricky Rickard said...


First off, great podcast. I enjoyed it.


I do believe that comment was divisive and condescending, as I commented on Steve's blog. Terry and Steve are both grown men and able to disagree with me. No problem. Just because something comes across as divisive or condescending doesn't mean they can't disagree with me. It means whether they intended to or not, that is how the comment came across. No code words, no rebellious teenagers, take it for what its worth.

Again, Terry, nice podcast. I won't hijack anymore space. God Bless.

Ricky Rickard, Jr.

Only Look said...

You took the thought right out of my mind Terry. In fact I see clearly that blasphemy of the Holy Spirit was an identity issue at heart and so they rejected the Holy Spirit. I had been thinking of posting on this very thing. Its crazy how mankind finds their identity in so many things including close mirrored religion of following Christ and yet reject the the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to our identity in Christ, yet the Pharisees sawed themselves off of their own limb in resisting the tree that would graft them into Himself.

Shawn L said...

Hello and thanks.