Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gazing On Christ In The Whole Bible

From page 1 thru page 1393 -- thru "Maps" :) -- the whole Bible breathes Christ. I picked up this gem from Chad Bresson's Vossed World:

“...Learn your Old Testaments. See Christ therein. See His great glory there. We study the Old Testament so that we will see the variegated glories of Christ shining through their pages. We do not read them as Jews. We do not read them as though we were a synagogue. We read them as Christians. We see Christ in them because He is in them. We do so because Christ taught that He was in them. We do so because the New Testament saw Christ in them. So while the Old Covenant itself fades, its remaining glory to be seen by believing and un-veiled hearts is the very glory of Christ.

"May we be transformed by seeing the glory of Christ all through the Bible. The transforming power of beholding Christ emerges from the pages of the whole Bible. We are transformed from glory to glory as we see Him there. Want to grow and change? Want to reflect Christ to others? Gaze on Him in the pages of your Bible.”

Russ Kennedy, "The Fading Glory"

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