Sunday, March 18, 2007

Brokenness - Part 2

Brokenness is seemingly never total. It's an ongoing process. But to the degree we are broken before God, to the degree that we are dependent on Him, to the degree that we are surrendered to His will, it's to that degree that we are able to walk by the Spirit.

And sometimes brokenness is a three-steps-forward and two-steps-back deal, which can be frustrating.

But the Catch-22 is, that the more we can rest in, and cooperate with, and accept the *process*, the better the process goes along.

Conversely, the more we are frustrated and annoyed at the process, or even fight it, the bumpier the process goes along. This is called "kicking at the goads", a reference to stubborn oxen kicking against the sticks used to prod them along.

Jesus has promised that His yoke for us is easy, and His burden for us is light. We may not feel that way sometimes, but it helps to remember it, and it certainly doesn't make it easier and lighter if we fight it.

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