Sunday, December 17, 2006

Glitch In Blog Comments - Sorry

Sorry for a technical glitch in a switchover from regular Blogger to "new and improved" [yeah, right] Beta Blogger:

The glitch caused comments to require moderating, but then didn't email them to me for moderating. So a bunch of comments on several older blog posts didn't get posted.

After discovering the glitch, I "released" all the comments at once, so if you wondered why your comment didn't appear at the time you wrote it, now you know.

They are all posted now, and from now on, Lord willing, your comments will be immediately published without requiring moderation.

And thanks for the comments!


1 comment:

Bhedr said...

My problem was that I couldn't seem to get through and then they required I set up a new account so I am up with a google username account as well. Thanks Terry.