Friday, September 08, 2006

Legalism Destroys Love

Remember that love is a fruit of the Spirit. When we walk by the Spirit, and are filled with the Spirit, we love. We can't help but love, just like we can't help but have the other fruits of the Spirit, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

But we're talking about love. And because love is a fruit of the Spirit, it is killed by Legalism.


Because Legalism quenches the Spirit. Legalism denies the grace of God, it elevates self-righteousness, it makes us think that we can earn God's love and favor, and shows unbelief in His Word that He already loves us and has given us every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus.

And when Legalism quenches the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit is quenched, and love is the fruit of the Spirit.

So next time you see in yourself or others a lack of reminded of Grace. You can abound in love if you remember that you are not under Law but under Grace (Rom. 6:14).


Confused said...

I understand the Grace of God and I understand that legalism is fatally flawed because we cannot do anything to save ourselves. What I don't understand is the labeling of "legalists." Might it not be true that those often labeled as "legalists" are actually those who already understand the Grace of God and who are trying to search the Scriptures for the voice of God on how they should live, how Jesus lived in the Gift of God's Word?

Terry Rayburn said...


Great question, and definitely a possibility.

It's not legalism to want to obey Him, when our obedience comes from our love for Him, or from His very Life living out through us.

You may want to take a look at my post If We're Under Grace, Why The Commands?


Anonymous said...

Today I was thinking about a few relationships that have been destroyed because of legalism and the words "Legalism destroys love" came to me.
So I did a search on in and found your site - praise God!
You are so right in everything you say.
We had two christian friends who we shared bible studies with.
But,when my husband and I stopped attending some of the bible study meetings, our friends decided not to talk to us anymore.
They don't talk to us - even learning about the death of my husband's brother wasn't enough for them to send a card or phone - because legalism overrides their love for us and one another.
God is love!! Amen.

Terry Rayburn said...


Glad you found the blog. Thanks for your kind words. Sorry to hear about your situation with your friends, but I sure know what you mean.